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Flatbridge Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd was registered in 2001 and officially commenced trading in 2005 as an independent medical imaging and surgical sundries company and is fortunate to have a number of qualified senior employees who have many years experience in the medical sector.


We have a complete range of Suture materials, medical consumables, disinfectants products and represent a number of well known international equipment and consumable manufacturers supplying imaging products to both the Private and Government sectors in Zimbabwe.  We have future plans to supply the SADC Region.



Our Company Mission statement:

To provide high quality, efficient Medical equipment and surgical consumables to both public and private sectors in Southern Africa coupled with outstanding support and commitment at an affordable price.

Our Company Goals and Objectives:

Our major objective is to grow the company into one of the leading providers of imaging technology and medical consumable products in Zimbabwe.

Financial objective aims to achieve a return that is consistently above inflation at an average return on capital of 28%.  For the non-financial objectives based on the balanced score card framework,  Flatbridge aims to grow shareholder value by attaining a return of shareholder capital of 28% and also achieve an average internal audit rating of at least 2 and formulate an independent board and hold quarterly board meetings.


Customer Perceptive

This is the new phrase under Customer Perspective. We overhauled the service delivery systems and launched the service charter in 2016.  Perform at least three customer relationship management programmes for our clients in the top 10.



Staff Perspective

Introduce a detailed and structured induction programme focusing on customer service delivery for new employees. Introduce the balanced score card performance management system with signed individual objective.  Implementing focused training programmes to address identified skills gaps.


Strategic Intent

The strategic intention for Flatbridge in, the, medium and long term is summarized in the table




Short term


Long term



Imaging equipment and consumables 

(X –ray s)


















Theatre and Sutures








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